About Us

What is Snovmbr?

We are a brand focused on creating quality, fun, subtle and well-designed products with a message. We also use photography and music to inspire us and we hope that same inspiration connects with viewers and listeners.

How do you pronounce Snovmbr?

One word: “Snow-vem-ber”

Where did the name come from?

While the actual origin of the word comes from cobination of the month to photograph (November), and the beauty of nature during that time of year, along with a name that will remain a secret. We chose the name because it was unique yet simple enough to remember and easy enough to pronounce. When we chose the name “Snovmbr” it had no definition or associations so we were able to make it our own. 

Where are you located?

We are located in Lancaster, California, USA (near Los Angeles)

Do you have retail stores?

No. We mostly sell directly through our online shop. This allows us to keep our overhead costs down and keep our prices affordable.